Splits and discoveries

  1. Middendorf's Bean-GooseAnser middendorffii from Tundra Bean-Goose, Anser fabalis.[1]
  2. Sula Cuckoo-DoveTuracoena sulaensis from White-faced Cuckoo-DoveTuracoena manadensis.[2]
  3. Sultan's Cuckoo-DoveMacropygia doreya from Amboyna Cuckoo-Dove, Macropygia amboinensis.[2]
  4. Flores Sea Cuckoo-DoveMacropygia macassariensis from Bar-necked Cuckoo-Dove, Macropygia magna.[2]
  5. Tanimbar Cuckoo-DoveMacropygia timorlaoensis from Bar-necked Cuckoo-Dove, M. magna.[2]
  6. Enggano Cuckoo-DoveMacropygia cinnamomea from Ruddy Cuckoo-Dove, Macropygia emiliana.[2]
  7. Barusan Cuckoo-DoveMacropygia modiglianii from Ruddy Cuckoo-Dove, M. emiliana.[2]
  8. Lesser Violetear, Colibri cyanotus from Green Violetear (now Mexican Violetear), Colibri thalassinus.[3]
  9. Russet-naped Wood-Rail / White-bellied Wood-RailAramides albiventris from Grey-necked Wood-Rail, Aramides cajaneus.[4]
  10. Townsend's Storm-PetrelCymochorea socorroensis from Leach's Storm-Petrel, Cymochorea leucorhoa.[5][6][3]
  11. Ainley's Storm-PetrelCymochorea cheimomnestes from Leach's Storm-Petrel, C. leucorhoa.[5][6][3]
  12. Grey-faced PetrelPterodroma gouldi from Great-winged Petrel, Pterodroma macroptera.[7]
  13. Cuban Ivory-billed Woodpecker / Baird's WoodpeckerCampephilus bairdii
  14. Sooty Woodpecker / Southern Sooty-Woodpecker,Mulleripicus funebris
  15. Puerto Rican ParakeetPsittacara maugei
  16. Coopman's ElaeniaElaenia brachyptera
  17. Northern Mouse-coloured Tyrannulet, Nesotriccus incomtus
  18. Ayacucho ThistletailAsthenes ayacuchensis
  19. Tan-capped CatbirdAiluroedus geislerorum
  20. Ochre-breasted CatbirdAiluroedus stonii
  21. Spotted CatbirdAiluroedus maculosus
  22. Huon CatbirdAiluroedus astigmaticus
  23. Black-capped CatbirdAiluroedus melanocephalus
  24. Arfak CatbirdAiluroedus arfakianus
  25. Northern CatbirdAiluroedus jobiensis
  26. Pilbara GrasswrenAmytornis whitei
  27. Sandhill GrasswrenAmytornis oweni
  28. Rusty GrasswrenAmytornis rowleyi
  29. Admiralty Islands CicadabirdEdolisoma admiralitatis
  30. Chestnut-throated FlycatcherMyiagra castaneigularis
  31. White-cheeked MonarchSymposiachrus malaitae
  32. North Island RobinPetroica longipes
  33. Pacific RobinPetroica pusilla
  34. Darod LarkCalandrella eremica
  35. Northern Red-capped LarkCalandrella williamsi
  36. Sykes's Short-toed LarkCalandrella dukhunensis
  37. Highland Rush WarblerBradypterus centralis
  38. Tarim BabblerRhopophilus albosuperciliaris
  39. Dark-eyed White-eye, Zosterops tetiparius
  40. Grey-brown White-eye, Zosterops ponapensis
  41. Chinese Blue-Flycatcher, Cyornis glaucicomans
  42. Chinese RubythroatCalliope tschebaiewi
  43. Himalayan Thrush, Zoothera salimalii
  44. Sichuan Thrush, Zoothera griseiceps
  45. Campina ThrushTurdus arthuri
  46. Amazonian ThrushTurdus debilis
  47. Canebrake WrenCantorchilus zeledoni
  48. Isthmian WrenCantorchilus elutus
  49. Santa Marta Wood-WrenHenicorhina anachoreta
  50. Merida BrushfinchAtlapetes meridae
  51. Black-fronted BrushfinchAtlapetes nigrifrons
  52. Blood-red TanagerPiranga haemalea


  1. Caribbean CootFulica caribaea, is a colour morph of the American Coot.[3]
  2. Four-coloured BushshrikeTelophorus quadricolor into Gorgeous BushshrikeTelophorus viridis.[8][9][10][11][12]



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