A Field Guide to the Birds of Devoshire  
A Field Guide to the Birds of Devoshire cover
Author(s) Michelle Hellstern
Illustrator Michelle Hellstern
Country Devonshire
Language English
Subject(s) Devonshirian birds
Genre(s) Handbook

This article contains made-up species!
This article contains made-up species not found on Earth. They will be highlighted in pink.

A Field Guide to the Birds of Devoshire is a handbook by Michelle Hellstern. It is doubtful it'll ever be published due to the fact that it contains made-up species.



The cover features a Crested Stubbill, Black Crab Plover[made-up sp.], Broad-billed Sapayoa, Blue-capped Ifrita, Costa Rican Penguin, Long-billed Ibis, Frost Anhinga, and Blue Shoebill[made-up sp.]. The background contains a War Eagle[made-up sp.], the national bird.

The cover also features Hesperornis regalis, a bird recreated from fossils. it shows that extinct species can be recreated.


This is a list of proposed plates. From Ostriches and beyond, the book is in Taxonomy in Flux order.

  1. Feathered dinosaurs
  2. Archaeopteryx and allies
  3. Omnivoropterygidae
  4. Enantiornithes
  5. Pygostlia
  6. Hesperornithes and Ichthyornithes
  7. Ostriches
  8. Stubbills
  9. Emus, Cassowaries and Kiwis
  10. Lithornithids and Tinamous
  11. Ducks, Geese and Swans
  12. Cracids
  13. New World Quail
  14. Pheasants and allies
  15. Flamingos
  16. Grebes
  17. Tropicbirds, Sandgrouse and Mesites
  18. Pigeons and Doves
  19. Kagus and Sunbitterns
  20. Oilbirds, Potoos, and Nightjars
  21. Swifts and Hummingbirds
  22. Hoatzins, Bustards and Cuckoos
  23. Limpkins, Cranes and Finfoots
  24. Rails and Allies
  25. Turacos
  26. Loons and Peguins
  27. Albatrosses, Northern Storm-petrels, and Petrels
  28. Storks
  29. Frigatebirds and Gannets
  30. Cormorants and Darters
  31. Pelicans and Shoebills
  32. Ibises and Spoonbills
  33. Herons, Bitterns and Egrets
  34. Sheathbills and Thick-knees
  35. Golden-plovers and Plovers
  36. Stilts and Avocets and Ibisbills
  37. Jacanas, Sandpiper and Crab Plovers
  38. Gulls, Terns and Skimmers
  39. Auks
  40. New World Vultures
  41. Secretarybirds and Ospreys
  42. Kites, Hawks, Eagles and Allies
  43. Mousebirds, Barn-Owls and True Owls
  44. Trogons
  45. Hoopoes, Woodhoopoes, Ground-Hornbills and Hornbills
  46. Bee-eaters and Kingfishers
  47. Puffbirds, African Barbets and Toucans
  48. Woodpeckers
  49. Terrorbirds
  50. Falcons and Caracaras
  51. Parrots and Cockatoos
  52. Sapayoas and Tityras
  53. Tyrant Flycatchers and Antthrushes

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