The Adelie Penguin, Pygoscelis adeliae is a species of penguin. It is the smallest Antarctic penguin [1].

Other names

None known. However, it can be spelt Adélie Penguin as well.


It has a black back and head with white eyerings, belly and breast [1]. It also has a reddish-black bill and pink feet.

Similar species

The chinstrap is similar, but with a black line around its chin and a black bill. The gentoo has a white head patch above its eyes and an orange bill.


It is often seen on top of ice floes [1]. It shoots through the air to dive and then surfaces again, like a porpoise [1].


It feeds on krill and sometimes fish [2].


Call and song sounds like a grunting laugh. Click here to listen to them!


Nest is a low heap of pebbles, collected by the male [2].



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