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A bird is a feathered, winged, bipedal, warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrate. As of June 7, 2016, the are 10,841 species, not including many prehistoric and made-up species. Look around, you may see a bird outside your window!

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This wiki takes place in an alternate universe and may not reflect anything in real life. Read at your own risk! Many pages are under construction as well. Devonshire is 300 years ahead of the current year.
Flag of Devonshire Devonshire
Flag of Devonshire
Europa with names

The United Kingdom of Devonshire or just Devonshire (called Royaume-Uni de Devonshire in French; Großbritannien von Devonshire in German) is a sovereign state found in Western Europa. It includes some overseas territories such as French Guiana. It was one of the biggest countries. It is bordered by Shire, Italy and Aquitani.

Despite being large, it is sparsely populated because of the size of some of the national parks. There are many wild areas that are uninhabitable by humans.

Devonshire has one of the largest forests in the world, the Frost National Forest.

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Holsaeter's Crossbills

Holsaeter's Crossbill, Loxia holsaeterii is a species of crossbill in the Loxia genus. It is named in honour of a teacher the author knows. They are found in Devonshire, Shire, Italy and Aquitani. It migrates to northern Africa.

The Holsaeter's Crossbill is mainly pink in colour, with red wings. The females are mainly yellow in colour, with grey wings and green stripes on head. Both sexes have huge, yellow bills that cross at the tips.

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