General questions

Why are there other subjects and animals?

Originally, this was supposed to be a bird wiki, but the name stuck.

How come many pages are blank?

Because there are over ten thousand species of birds. Many are very rare and/or new, in this case, there might not be much info.

Why do you allow made-up species?

Sigh... Well, it's rather personal, but I allow them because other people might not. You will see these three templates when there are made-up species:

STOP nuvola This is a made-up species! Nuvola apps important
This article contains made-up species not found on Earth.

Frost Anhinga[made-up sp.]

This article contains made-up species!
This article contains made-up species not found on Earth. They will be highlighted in pink.

What is Devonshire?

Devonshire is a country I made up when I was in high school. It is in an alternate universe than ours, but it shares any real animal or bird found in our universe, if that makes any sense (e.g. the alternate universe has bald eagles, while you may find a bald eagle near your local lake).

Why don't you allow any mentionings of hunting?

Because to me, hunting is a sick and outdated sport. I'd laugh if you got an arrow through your heart. But really, it offends me greatly and makes me want to vomit.

I'm a creationist! I don't like the fact that there's evolution on here!

And why the heck are you on here...? I don't believe in creationism one bit. Evolution is a beautiful thing and you should learn to love it. It offends me when people say fossils are fake. Hell, it even makes me want to scream and shove them off a cliff. No offence.

No, I'm not an atheist, I just don't agree with creationism.

The taxonomy on here is confusing!!!!!!!111

I use John Boyd III's Taxonomy in Flux website for a lot of the taxonomy on here. I will fight tooth and nail for it. It's the most frequently updated taxonomy website I've ever seen. Not even Wikipedia is caught up yet.

What is the mascot?

The mascot is the Eurasian Hoopoe.

How come this [insert page name here] has no info?

As I've said before, there are over 10,000 species of birds and many of them are very rare and some are new, in which case they might not be in some of the older guides.

Can I be admin?

  1. You must be here for at least three months.
  2. You must have at least 10,000 edits.
  3. You must edit frequently >1 post a month.

The only exception is my longtime acquaintance CJ.

Questions about me, Michelle

Who are you, StaraptorEmpoleon?

I'm just a person who is obsessed with birds. I have loved them since I was eleven. Oh, by the way, I'm Michelle. I can be sarcastic, I love to tease (especially my friends), I can be cynical, too.

What books do you have?

When I have the time, I will list them.

What is your favourite bird?

I don't have one. I love them all. I hate the fact that people think vultures, starlings or house sparrows are ugly. THEY are not.

What is my edit count?


Questions about me, CaptainToad

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