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Devonshire: this part of the wiki is about an alternative universe not much different than our world.

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General info

Imagine stepping into a country about the size of Germany and half of France, filled with animals such as bald eagles and griffins and even animals such as dinosaurs and dragons. That country is Devonshire. It has a little over 1122 species - birds being the most numerous. The year is 2300. The time is a violent and tumultuous because of the Devonshire-Shire (the country that borders Devonshire to the north) Wars (the war ended in 2308)... species are becoming extinct every second in 2300. However, scientists have a new machine that can recreate animals that have become extinct. It extracts DNA from fossils and bones. This is actually quite successful, because scientists are releasing dinosaurs in the Frost National Forest. They suspect that they will survive through adulthood.

Think of a species. Most likely it lives in Devonshire.

How I got the idea:

I believe I got the idea watching the Family Guy episode "E. Peterbus Unum". I got the idea about creating my own country, where everyone is vegetarian and hates meat. I got the name "Devonshire" from a road in my hometown, plus, the name is beautiful.

There will be a list of all species soon.





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