Scientific classification Red Pencil Icon
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Clade: Inopinaves
Order: Passeriformes
Suborder: Passeri
Infraorder: Passerida
Superfamily: Bombycilloidea

Bombycilloids, Bombycilloidea are a group of oscine passerines that contain birds that resemble waxwings. Many members were once part of an expanded family of Bombycillidae.


Elachura is an unusual member of this group. It was once classed as a Old World babbler in the genus Spelaeornis. Alström et al., 2014 discovered that it is related to the waxwings. Other members of Spelaeornis were shown to be true members of that genus (Alström et al., 2014).[1]

The Hawaiian honeyeaters were thought to be in the Meliphagidae family, which has spread widely across the Pacific. Fleischer, James, and Olson (2008) have shown they are actually related to waxwings.[2]

Waxwings, silky-flycatchers and the Palmchat were one all considered to be in the same family, Bombycillidae (Sibley and Ahlquist, 1990?).[3]

Sibley and Monroe placed the Hypocolius near the bulbuls.

Hylocitrea was thought to be a pachycephalid, then (Jønsson et al., 2008) suggested it might be a sylvioid,[4] however; Spellman et al. (2008) found it closer to Hypocolius and is nested within Bombycilloidea.[5]



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