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A location; a country. It is part of South America, and is the largest country of that continent. It de facto controls Brazilian Guiana, a disputed territory.

Birds of Brazil

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The national bird is Rufous-bellied Thrush[1] while the Golden Parakeet is the unofficial bird[2].

Araripe Manakin, Band-tailed Hornero, Brown-chested Barbet, Dark-winged Trumpeter, Hoffmann's Woodcreeper, Hook-billed Hermit, Lear's Macaw, Pale-winged Trumpeter, Restinga Tyrannulet, Serra do Mar Tyrant-Manakin, Sulphur-breasted Parakeet, Varzea Piculet, Velvety Black-tyrant, White-tailed Cotinga and White-crested Guan are all endemic to Brazil.


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