Carrion crow

Other names

Scientiphic name: corvus corone


It is about 45 cm long. Its plumage is all black. Eyes, beak and legs are also black. The beak is very heavy. The carrion crow can be recognized from the Raven because of its smaller dimensions and for the squared tail.

Similar species

Common Raven, Hooded Crow, Eurasian Jackdaw, American Crow.


Very clever bird, often seen in flocks.


Omnivorous: it eats carrion, small rodents, lizards, chicks and eggs stolen from nests, seeds, berries and fruit.


The call is a loud and gruff Kraah kraah kraah; the flight call is a querulous keewr keewr keewr.


It nests in May, making a big nest on a tree using twigs. The eggs (usually four or five) are blue mottled with brown. the chicks are nidiculous.


like the hooded crow, it lives in cities, woods, mountains, cliffs and farmlands. It is mainly found is West Europe.


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