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United Kingdom of Devonshire
Flag of Devonshire Coat of arms of Devonshire
AnthemGod Save the Queen
(and largest city)
Official language(s) English, German, Latin, Spanish, French
Recognised regional languages Devonshirian English
Demonym Devonshirian, Devons
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Queen Michelle Hellstern
 -  Prime Minister Alisha Adams
 -  Autonomy
from Shire
June 24, 2180 
 -  Recognised March 15, 2200 
 -  Total 338,424 km2 (64th)
130,596 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 10
 -  2211 estimate 10,030 (11,000)
 -  2200 census 9,800 
 -  Density 20/km2 
28/sq mi
Currency Devonshirian pound (DEP)
Drives on the right

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The United Kingdom of Devonshire or just Devonshire (called Royaume-Uni de Devonshire in French; Großbritannien von Devonshire in German) is a sovereign state found in Western Europa. It includes some overseas territories such as French Guiana. It was one of the biggest countries. It is bordered by Shire, Italy and Aquitani.

Despite being large, it is sparsely populated because of the size of some of the national parks. There are many wild areas that are uninhabitable by humans.

Devonshire has one of the largest forests in the world, the Frost National Forest.


Devonshire once belonged to Shire, until a war broke out that separated the two countries. Devonshire did not gain its independence until March 15, 2200.


Devonshire was once inhabited by early Germanic, Gaulish, Norman, Anglo-Saxon, Roman and Greek tribes. All of these tribes unified to create Shire and Devonshire combined.


Anomalies are strange and seldom-seen vortices that resemble wormholes. They appear in random places in not only Devonshire, but other countries as well. These strange anomalies may pick up whatever is in the vortex's path, for example, a vortex might pick up an Emu and place it in a random place throughout the world.

The reason for the anomalies are unknown, but it may have something to do with it being an alternate universe; since Devonshire is in an alternate universe.

Animals that occur because of anomalies are called "vagrants".


Devonshire has one major technological improvement, recreating extinct species. Other countries in Europa have developed this as well, but not as well as Devonshire's technology.

Coat of arms[]

Main: Coat of arms of Devonshire

The coat of arms depicts a War Eagle and a Slasher.


Main: Flag of Devonshire

The flag has a green background with five stars placed on various spots on the flag.


Main: Animal laws in Devonshire.

All species of animals are protected by the law. Hunting, fishing and most types of farming are banned.



Main: List of birds of Devonshire.


Brolgas, one of the many species occurring because of anomalies.

Blue-footed Booby (Sula nebouxii) -one leg raised

Blue-footed Gannet's name was changed.


Royal Flycatchers can be seen in the Frost National Forest in the summer. It is another species occurring because of anomalies.

Devonshire has over 500 species of birds, from hummingbirds to ostriches. Many of these species were recreated because they had become extinct. As a part of this program, many species have been released and have made it. Hence why there are New World flycatchers as well as other species not normally found. The national bird is the war eagle; it can be seen on the coat of arms as well as the slasher.

Many people enjoy birdwatching, such as Michelle Hellstern, Charles Dunn and George Travis, who pursue them with a passion.


Main: List of mammals of Devonshire.

Type C Orcas

Orcas can be found along the coast in the winter.

Devonshire has many species of mammals, including many whales and dolphins as well as a species of wolf called the slasher, which is the national mammal; it can be see on the coat of arms as well as the war eagle.

Many natives enjoy whalewatching.


Main: List of reptiles of Devonshire.

Reptiles are very limited in Devonshire, not very many species can be found. (It could also be because they aren't extensively studied.) The birds possibly out compete with them.


Main: List of avimammalids of Devonshire.

Avimammalids are some of the rarest animals found in Devonshire. They have mammal and bird-like characteristics. They have fur and lay eggs. The horned running bird has retractable claws on its feet. Many of the running birds, (not limited to the wolf running bird) are one of the most aggressive of all the avimammalids, making many species hard to study. However, the baiji-kite is very playful has been known to approach people and even play with them and protect them from crocodiles.


Main: List of dinosaurs of Devonshire.

Dinosaurs are some of rarest animals as well, it is because many species are endangered. Velociraptor and Spinosaurus are just some of the few dinosaurs found in the Frost National Forest.

Mythical creatures[]

Main: List of mythical creatures of Devonshire.

Some mythical creatures are found in Devonshire, including the Frost Wyvern, Hydragle, Cockagriff and Water Horse (known as the Kelpie in Ireland).


Main: List of plants of Devonshire.

Many plants are found in Devonshire, including the Devonshire Redbud, Devonshire Plane Tree and many others. Devonshire also has swimming flowers, which are plants that float around in the water without their roots attached to the substrate.


Main: List of fungi of Devonshire.

Many fungi are found throughout Devonshire, including the legendary Fly Agaric, King Bolete, Black Truffle and the introduced Shiitake, an import from Asia.

Devonshire in fanfiction[]

Devonshire appears in two fanfics, the first one being about a Hetalia original character, Alisha Adams being sent into the real world. The second one is a Wild Kratts fanfic, involving Martin and Aviva being lost in Devonshire.

There might be more in the future.

Theory: does Devonshire exist?[]

Template:Real world view In the real world, no. However, there is a possibly it exists in a parallel universe. Steven Weinberg,[1] Brian Greene,[2][3] Max Tegmark,[4] Alan Guth,[5] Andrei Linde,[6] Michio Kaku,[7] David Deutsch,[8] Leonard Susskind,[9] Raj Pathria,[10] Sean Carroll, Alex Vilenkin,[11] Laura Mersini-Houghton,[12][13] and Neil deGrasse Tyson[14] all believe that a multiverse is possible.

Therefore, theoretically, it could exist. Whether or not it does, is up to the individual... but I like to think it does exist. Somewhere, someway, somehow.


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