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|name=Eclectus Parrot
| image = Eclectus roratus (female) at Miami Metrozoo 2008.png
| image_caption = Female
| image_width = 230px
| image2 = Eclectus roratus -Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia -male-8a.png
|image2_caption = Male
|image2_width = 230px
| authority = Müller, 1776
==Other names==
==Other names==
Also known as the '''Red-sided Parrot'''.
Also known as the '''Red-sided Parrot'''.

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Eclectus Parrot
Eclectus roratus (female) at Miami Metrozoo 2008
Eclectus roratus -Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia -male-8a
Scientific classification Red Pencil Icon
Unrecognized taxon (fix): Eclectus
Species: Template:Taxonomy/EclectusE. roratus
Binomial name
Eclectus roratus
Müller, 1776

Other namesEdit

Also known as the Red-sided Parrot.


This species of parrot is 40–43 cm (16–17 in) long.

Males are bright green with an orange bill with red flanks. Flight feathers have a bend of blue with scarlet linings and tails are dark with a tipped yellow. Females are wine-red in plumage with a broad blue band across breast. Has a black bill and blue linings on wings with orange tail tip. [1]

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Harsh rolling screech of kraach-krraak or kar!, kar!, kar! while in flight. Also possesses a wailing flute-like whistle cry that is both hollow and high pitched.[1]




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