Regulus regulus

a painting of a goldcrest

Other names

Scientiphic name: regulus regulus


Its lenght (only 8 cm) makes it the smallest European bird, along with the closely related Firecrest. It has light-green upperparts, whitish underparts, a yellow-orange crest and black moustache, beak and eyes.

Similar species

Firecrest Flamecrest Ruby-crowned kinglet other birds in the regulidae family.


It is always flapping and jumping on branches of evergreen trees, with quick, nervous movements. It is not a migratory bird, and in winter it can form flock with tits, finches, nuthatches and firecrests. Winter is a very hard period for goldcrests, infact about 80% of the Goldcrest population does not survive the winter.


Insects in summer, seeds in winter.


A very subtle, pitched zi-zi-zi.


A pair can grow up 10 baby goldcrests. They nests on evergreen trees. The nest is made of moss, cobwebs and straw


It lives in Central-North Europe but sometimes moves to warmer areas in winter, like central Spain and central Itay. It lives mainly in evergreen trees forests, but is also found in city parks and gardens, expecially in winter. Very common in European mountains, like Alps, Ardenne and Pyrenees.


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