hooded crow on a building.

Other names

Scientiphic name: corvus cornix.


It has the same dimensions of the Carrion Crow. It has a light gray body plumage with black head, throat, wings and tail. The bill is very heavy and black. The legs are black, too.

Similar species

Carrion Crow, Eurasian Magpie, Common Raven, Eurasian Jackdaw.


Like all the corvids, the Hooded Crow is very intelligent. They are often seen in

a hooded crow chasing away a jackdaw from a nesting site.

flocks, sometimes mixed with Carrion Crows.


This bird is omnivore. It eats small rodents and lizards, worms, insects, eggs and chicks stolen from other birds' nests, seeds, carrion, berries and fruit.


the call is a gruff, loud kraah, krahh, kraah, the flight call is a queruleous kreew, kreew.


The Hooded Crow nests in May and makes a big nest on a tree using twigs. There it lays about five blue eggs mottled with brown. The chicks are nidiculous.


distribution of Carrion and Hooded crows in Europe.


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