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The House Crow (Corvus splendens) is a member of the Corvidae family.

Other names[]

Also known as the Colombo or Indian Crow


The House Crow is exactly 43 cm in length.

It is a smallish crow with pale grey to mouse-brown nape. It has a fairly short bill while its legs are long. Eyes are black.[1]

Similar species[]


The House Crow is a familiar scavenger in towns and villages. It is also destructive of eggs and nestlings. Forms communal roosts.[1]



Has a short, flat, clipped caw call which is often repeated.[1]


Creates a platform of twigs as well as the occasional wire in trees 3 m or higher for a nest. Females lay 4-5 eggs that are blue-green and are speckled with brown streaks.[1]


Is native and commonly found throughout India and Sri Lanka. Self-introduced in ports of Australia as well.

Is found within urban areas, dockyards, farmlands, shores, and zoological gardens.[1]


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