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Hybridisation in gulls occurs quite frequently, although to varying degrees depending on the species involved.

Hybrid large white-headed gulls

Hybrids among the small hooded gulls

  • The most common hybrid found among gulls in Europe is between Black-headed Gull and Mediterranean Gull. Hybrids of this combination are occasionally reported on the northwestern edge of the breeding range of Mediterranean Gull.
  • Birds have also been reported in Europe which have been suspected of being Mediterranean Gull × Common Gull hybrids; one such bird gull seen in Lincolnshire in 2002 (Tarrant 2002)
  • A bird seen in December 2001 at Belhaven Bay, Lothian, and present each winter since (until at least 2005/6) is believed to be a hybrid between Black-headed and Common Gulls (Gillon 2006)


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  • Gillon, Keith (2006) An apparent hybrid gull at Belhaven Bay, Lothian Birding Scotland Vol. 9 No. 2 p92

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