Temporal range: Carnian - Early Norian (Possible Middle Triassic origin)
life restoration of Hyperodapedon
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Rhynchosauria
Family: Hyperodapedontidae
Subfamily: Hyperodapedontinae
Chatterjee, 1969

Hyperodapedontinae is a subfamily of rhynchosaurs within the family Hyperodapedontidae. Fossils have been found from Argentina, Brasil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Scotland, Tanzania, USA and Zimbabwe.[1][2]


Hyperodapedontinae was named by Sankar Chatterjee in 1969 to include the genus Hyperodapedon.[3] In 1985, the genus Scaphonyx was added to the family.[4] Scaphonyx includes three dubious species, S. africanus, S. australis and S. fischeri.

Cladogram based on Langer et al. (2000) and Langer et al. (2010):[5][6]


Isalorhynchus 15px

?Supradapedon 15px

Teyumbaita 15px


H. huenei 15px

H. mariensis 15px

H. sanjuanensis 15px

H. gordoni 15px

H. huxleyi 15px

    Valid species that were first assigned to Scaphonyx.


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