The Island Monarch (Monarcha cinerescens) is a small perching bird.

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The Island Monarch is 16–18 cm (6.3–7.1 in) in length.

The monarch has a pearly head, breast, and back. It has a cinnamon-coloured belly while its bill is bluish grey. Juveniles are similar in looks to the adults; however, they have a dark scaling on their chests and brownish edges to wing feathers.[1]

Similar species

It is similar to an immature Black-faced Monarch.[1]


The Island Monarch is either found singly, in pairs, or in small parties. Forages from canopy to ground level.[1]



Series of loud repeated identical notes. Calls also include squeaks, chatterings, and repeated scolding.[1]



Considered a small island specialist and is generally found in lowland forests, scrubs, and coastal scrubs on mainland. It is widespread in Moluccas, Lesser Sundas, Sulawesi, New Guinea, and the Aru Islands. Several confirmed records have also been found in Australia.[1]


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