Number of Sattelites 67
Atmospheric Makeup 89.8% hydrogen
10.2% helium
Distance from Sun 483.6 million miles
Diameter 89,365 miles
142,894 kilometers
Axial tilt 3.13 degrees
Orbit 11 Earthen years
Position in Solar System Fifth planet from Sun
Surface Features Gaseous atmosphere with several storms
Albedo (geometric) 0.52
(bond) 0.343
Aphelion 510.33 million miles
Perihelion 462.86 million miles
Mass of Planet 1.89 x 10^27 kg
Escape Velocity 60 kilometers/seconds

Jupiter is a planet in the Solar System, and is the fifth closest planet to the Sun. Jupiter is a gas giant, and is the largest planet in the Solar System containing Earth by far.

Jupiter has up to 67 known moons including the four large "Galilean moons". The Galilean moons are named as following: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.


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