This list is to show all the species in the Icteridae family.

The taxonomy follows Boyd and Powell, et al.[1][2]

Blue means placement unknown while red means extinct.


31 genera, 113 species

Subfamily Icteriinae

Genus Icteria

Subfamily Sturnellinae

Genus Xanthocephalus

Genus Dolichonyx

Genus Sturnella

Subfamily Cacicinae

Genus Amblycercus

Genus Cassiculus

Genus Psarocolius

Genus Procacicus

Genus Cacicus

Subfamily Icterinae

Genus Icterus

Subgenus Yphantes
Subgenus Icterus
Subgenus Pendulinus

Subfamily Agelaiinae

Genus Nesopsar

Genus Agelaius

Genus Molothrus

Genus Dives

Genus Ptiloxena[2]

Genus Euphagus

Genus Quiscalus

Genus Hypopyrrhus

Genus Lampropsar

Genus Gymnomystax

Genus Macroagelaius

Genus Amblyramphus

Genus Curaeus

Genus Anumara

Genus Gnorimopsar

Genus Agelaioides

Genus Oreopsar

Genus Agelasticus

Genus Chrysomus

Genus Xanthopsar

Genus Pseudoleistes


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