This list is used to show all the species of nine-primaried oscines.

Motacillidae: Wagtails, Longclaws & Pipits

Horsfield, 1821
8 genera, 67 species

Genus Dendronanthus

Genus Motacilla: typical wagtails

Genus Corydalla

Genus Cinaedium

Genus Tmetothylacus

Genus Hemimacronyx

Genus Macronyx: longclaws

Genus Anthus: typical pipits

Fringillidae: Finches, Euphonias, & Hawaiian Honeycreepers

Leach, 1819
51 genera, 226 species

Fringillinae: Chaffinches

Euphoniinae: Euphonias, Chlorophonias

Carduelinae: Cardueline Finches

Coccothraustini: Grosbeak Finches

Pyrrhulini: Bullfinches and Arid-zone Finches

Carpodacini: Rosefinches

Drepanidini: Hawaiian Honeycreepers

Carduelini: Canaries, Siskins & allies


Brehm, 1828
Icteroidae is an epifamily that contains the buntings, American sparrows, tanagers and icterids.

Calcariidae: Longspurs & Snow Buntings

Rhodinocichlidae: Rosy Thrush-Tanager

Buntings & Sparrows Group

Emberizidae: Buntings

Arremonidae: American Sparrows, Towhees & Juncos

Blackbirds & Warblers Group

Phaenicophilidae: Palm-Tanagers & allies

Zeledoniidae: Wrenthrush

Teretistridae: Cuban Warblers

Icteridae: New World Blackbirds & Orioles

Parulidae: New World Warblers

Thraupid Group

Mitrospingidae: Mitrospingus & allies

Cardinalidae: Cardinals & Cardinal-Grosbeaks

Thraupidae: Tanagers, Saltators & Darwin's Finches

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