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Michelle Hellstern
Born June 27, 2280 (aged 32)
Hera, Devonsire
Residence Hera
Nationality Devonshirian
Other names Queen, Majesty
Ethnicity European
Citizenship Devonshirian
Alma mater Hera University
Occupation Ornithologist, naturalist, biologist
Years active 2290-present
Home town Hera
Height 5'4"
Title Queen
Term 22
Religion Christian
Denomination Non-denominational
Special ability Can speak to animals
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Queen Michelle Hellstern (born June 27, 2280), is a Devonshirian ornithologist, writer, naturalist and painter. She has named many species including Glennshire Kiwi[made-up sp.], Yellow-headed Penguin[made-up sp.] and Owl-faced Heron[made-up sp.].

She has the ability to speak to animals.

A fire wiped out a lot of her and the others' data and notes; however, with the help of Travis, they were able to recover them.

She works alongside George Travis and Charles Dunn to help record birds and other animals around Devonshire and surrounding countries.

As of October 14, 2312 they together have named over 200 species.

Art by her

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