The Narcissus Flycatcher (Ficedula narcissina) is an Old World flycatcher.

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The flycatcher is 13 cm exactly in length.

It is described to being a short and plump flycatcher. Males have black upperparts (including crown, forehead, nape, back, scapulars, and flight feathers); however, they possess a broad yellow eyebrow stripe that extends above ear-coverts. Possesses a bright yellow rump and uppertail-coverts as well as a clear white shoulder patch. Chin, throat, upperbreast are all yellow while lower breast and belly is white.

Females have a dull olive-brown plumage with a whitish chin and throat. Is faintly streaked and has diffused spotting and a darker breastband. Has a narrow white eye-ring. Bill is black and legs are grey.[1]

Similar species

Females of the species are difficult to separate from a range of Old World flycatchers and warbler vagrants to north Australia. Bears similarities to female Blue-and-white Flycatcher.[1]




Usually silent away from breeding areas.[1]



Often found in mid-storey and understorey of woodland, forest, and mangroves. Breeds in Japan and Kurile Islands; however, migrates to Indochina, Philippines, Greater Sundas.[1]


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