Born c. 2003
Died May, 2010
Other names Shadowfax
Known for Michelle's pet cockatiel
Relatives Mate Stormy
Children CJ and Cloudy

Shadow or Shadowfax is one of Michelle's pet cockatiels.

Full name

His full name is Shadowfax.

Origin of her name

He is named after the Lord of the Rings character, Gandolf's horse, Shadowfax.


Shadow was a white-faced cockatiel. He had a bright white face with no orange cheek patches.

He was known for imitating other birds, including the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher and possibly the Northern Mockingbird's calls.


Shadow has many friends including Stormy, Dexie, CJ and Cloudy; although he did not really get to see her much because he died when she was still a chick.

Though they do not seem like friends, she also has Sky and Star as her "friends".


He died of an infection.

He flies and plays with Dexie, in heaven.

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