Empire of Shire
Flag of Shire.svg Coat of arms of Shire
(and largest city)
Saint Mary
Official language(s) English, German, Latin, Spanish, French
Recognised regional languages Shirian English
Demonym Shirian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Currency Shirian pound (DEP)
Drives on the right

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Empire of Shire or just Shire is a country in Europa.


Shire was once larger in the past consisting of modern day Devonshire until a war broke over and caused a separation of the two countries. Devonshire gained independence while the remainder of the original Shire's land became modern day Shire.



Main: List of birds of Shire. Shire is noted to having many unusual species of birds from large ratites like the King Cassowary to the smaller Arrow-headed Hummingbird. It was theorized that various species might have first appeared in Shire via anomalies or wormholes, and have since evolved to fit in with the regions within Shire.

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