Streamer-headed Crowned Crane
Streamer-headed Crowned Crane
Illustration of a Streamer-headed Crowned Crane
Scientific classification Red Pencil Icon
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Gruiformes
Genus: Balearica
Species: B. pendentia
Binomial name
Balearica pendentia
File:Streamer-headed Crowned Crane distribution.png
Range map for the B. pendentia

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The Streamer-headed Crowned Crane (Balearica pendentia) is a rare species of crowned crane from the Gruidae family. It was first found in Shire.[alt. univ.] Originally found in smaller numbers, the population has been assisted over the years and steadily grew.

Other names

Also named as the Ribbon-dangling Crane or the Dancing Crane from its mating behaviour.


In comparison to the Grey Crowned Crane and the Black Crowned Crane, the Streamer-headed Crowned Crane has several long black-coloured feathers that hang behind its head. These feathers are relatively short on females; however, the length of these feathers vary on males and appear to serve some function in attracting mates.

The crane is noted to having unusually thick and shorter legs in comparison to other species of cranes.

Similar species


During the mating season, males often sway their heads back and forth while showing off their crowns and the "streamer"-like feathers that sway about. This form of "dancing" has been recognized as a characteristic of this species of crane as the head swaying can become vigorous at times especially when more than one male is in one area.





Found within the grasslands and certain marshes within Shire. Its range has expanded greatly in recent years from its first appearance in restricted grassland areas.


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