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This is the {{pp-template}} protection notice.

It is used on protected templates and on protected file (image) pages.

This template does not show on pages that are not protected, instead it reports an error. Please note that only administrators can protect pages, this template only informs about the protection status of the page.

This template should usually not be manually placed on template pages, since it is automatically loaded by the {{Documentation}} template of protected template pages. Protected templates (both semi and full) should preferably have a documentation subpage (/doc) so that any editor can update the documentation, categories and interwiki links of the template. See Wikipedia:Template documentation for more on that.

This template automatically detects the edit protection level (semi or full) of a page, and if it is on a template or file page, and modifies its appearance and how it categorizes the page.

  • Use Template:Tlc for the normal appearance (a small icon at the top).
  • Use Template:Tlc for the large message box. On file pages we recommend using the large box. (It is usually a good idea to also add the {{nocommons}} box on protected image pages, to remind people that protected images should not be deleted even if there is a backup copy on Commons.)

When {{pp-template}} is added to a protected template, it should be placed inside Template:Tag tags (otherwise, every page which uses the template will load the protection notice, which will result in an error message). On file (image) pages the <noinclude></noincluce> tags are not necessary.

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