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This template is intended for use in taxoboxes under the |subdivision= parameter, to produce a list of species within a genus (or genera within a family, etc) in a consistent format.

Use like this:

{{Species list
| S. speciosa | Authority 2003
| S. additiona | Others ''et al''. 2002
| S. typus | Desciber 1888 (type)
| S. dubia |

Both species name and authority will be automatically formatted to produce:

  • S. speciosa Authority 2003
  • S. additiona Others et al. 2002
  • S. typus Desciber 1888 (type)
  • S. dubia

Note that if the authority is not known, the "|" must still be present after the species name.

To automatically link the content of every "species", use {{Linked species list}}. To perform any linking manually, use {{Species list}}. To bold-face the species (e.g. if they will never have their own pages, when listed on a genus) use {{Bold species list}}.

Mark incomplete lists using |incomplete=, which will include Template:Incomplete taxon list.

For higher taxa (that do not require italicization) use {{taxon list}} and {{linked taxon list}}.

See also

An example with piped links (i.e. to Discinella (genus) ) can be seen at Mobergellidae.

For nested links (e.g. a list of families within a suborder) you can use Template:Nested taxon list.
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