The Warbler Guide  
Author(s) Tom Stephenson and Scott White
Language English
Series Princeton Field Guides
Subject(s) New World warblers
Genre(s) Handbook
Publisher Princeton
Publication date 2013
Media type Paperback
ISBN 0691154821

The Warbler Guide is a guide to the New World warblers found in the United States and Canada.


The cover features a Northern Parula.

Quick finders

This book contains many quick finders. It contains the following quick finders:

  1. Face quick finder
  2. Side quick finder
  3. 45 degree quick finder
  4. Underview quick finder
  5. East Spring quick finder
  6. East Fall quick finder
  7. West quick finder
  8. Eastern undertails quick finder
  9. Western undertails quick finder
  10. East warbler song quick finder
  11. Local warbler song quick finder
  12. West warbler song quick finder
  13. Chip call quick finder

Other birds

This book contains many images of New World warblers, as well as non-warbler species; like orioles, vireos, chickadees, kinglets, the Bushtit, the Verdin, gnatcatchers, and American sparrows; birds that can be confused with warblers.

It also includes the Olive Warbler, a basal member of Passeroidea[1], which isn't related to the New World warblers. It also has a Yellow-breasted Chat, which is unlike the other warblers, so it is listed in the back, as it is a New World blackbird[2].


Videos about this book:

Introduction to The Warbler Guide

Introduction to The Warbler Guide

A video with information of The Warbler Guide.

The Warbler Guide - How to Use the Quick Finders

The Warbler Guide - How to Use the Quick Finders

A video about the quick finders found in this book.


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