• I'm just asking, why is this wiki called All Birds Wiki when all animals are featured here? Can you please change the name? Thank you!

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    • If you scroll down, you will see I've already answered this.

      "Originally, this was supposed to be a bird wiki, but the name stuck. "

      "I don't get it either. :/ Birds, reptiles, fish, mammals, insects, amphibians, other invertebrates are all animals. Who cares about paraphyly and monophyly? We all share the same ancestor. Hell, we should all be called reptiles, because the amniote ancestors were reptile-like.

      "Besides, the name stuck. I heard it's a pain in the arse to change a wiki's name. Doesn't sound like it's worth it, really."

      I don't know how nor do I have the time either. I've worked very hard to make this wiki look nice. I'm very busy and don't have motivation lately.

      Thank you for understanding.

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    • Oh, okay! I understand!

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