Today I saw a vireo. However, the poor thing had died from an unknown cause. It possibly hit a radio tower not too far from where I found it. This radio tower is quite tall and I'm not sure if it's lit up at night. Many birds migrate at night, and they might strike buildings and radio towers, if they can see the light.

I noticed it lying in the grass. Ants were crawling on it and I could see some of its bones. Which is sad, gruesome but interesting. I find dead birds to be interesting for some reason. I get to study them up close, which is something I can't do and probably never will (never getting my degree in bio and need to get over the grossness of organs). :-/

At first, I wasn't sure what it was. I then noticed it was green! I then saw the white lores! Despite its eyes gone, I knew what it was - a Red-eyed Vireo!

This is the first or second time I've seen a vireo. The first time was when I saw a "glimpse" of a Bell's when I went a birding festival. Someone pointed it out and I saw it flitting around in the tree. However, I vaguely remember this. I don't even know if I truly saw a vireo or not.

Though, I feel privileged to see this vireo, despite it being dead.


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