<center>こんにちは、私の名前はミシェルです!Kon'nichiwa, watashinonamaeha Misherudesu!
Hola, mi nombre es Michelle!

Think about it. When you eat a piece of meat, you literally eat a corpse, a dead animal. I’m not saying this to “disgust” you or to convince you of anything, just calling things with their names. We have been using the word “meat” long enough to make us forget it is a dead animal. This animal was alive before, and it was raised, and killed, not in awesome ways. --Laura Marie

Now, when I eat, honestly, I am so much happier to tell myself that this meal didn’t cause any murder, does not contain any blood, cruelty, and that nobody is dead for my palate. It is honestly one of the best feelings in the world. --Laura Marie
Men have decided they have the right to determine which species are for us to love and will be lucky as pets, and which ones are destined to end up in a Filet with sauce and potatoes – or which ones can be used and abused for our own entertainment (like the corrida). But if you like your cat, then you should be able to love the same way a cow or a sheep. There is no superior or inferior specie. No specie that deserves hugs and kisses, and the other the death sentence or torture. I can assure you that EVERY animal can be tamed and become a pet, if you wanted to, just like your cat or your dog. Take at random one cow, or one chicken, destined to be killed in the food industry, and bring it at your home, and treat it like your pet. I promise you will start to discover his personality, get attached to it, want to hug it. You would love them just like your pets. There is absolutely NO difference. --Laura Marie

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I personally could talk about birds for hours and never get tired.

—A quote borrowed from a friend

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Stop and look around you, look at the different objects on your desk. Now, you want a way to organise them into different drawers, no? For example, pens go in one drawer while pencils go in another. Now you've organised them!

Well, scientists have a way of doing this, but with living things. It is called taxonomy, or the study of classifying living things. Taxonomy makes it easier for scientists to know the relationships between, let's say a tree and a cat.

For starters, here's an easy mnemonic that anyone can memorise.

Dumb Kids Prefer Candy Over Fancy Green Salad (Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species).

So, let's classify some birds. The birds are arranged in the table below. Did you know that all of these birds are actually related to each other? You will find this out in another blog post.

That is just a sampling of the 10,595 species of birds, 233 families and 45 orders.

Bird Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species
Osprey Animalia Chordata Aves Accipitriformes Pandionidae Pandion P. haliaetus
Animalia Chordata Aves Bucerotiformes Upupidae Upupa U. epops
Animalia Chordata Aves Psittaciformes Psittacidae Trichoglossus T. haematodus
Animalia Chordata Aves Charadriiformes Laridae Rynchops R. niger'
Animalia Chordata Aves Passeriformes Corvidae Garrulus G. glandarius
Hamerkop Animalia Chordata Aves Pelecaniformes Scopidae Scopus S. umbretta
Animalia Chordata Aves Cuculiformes Cuculidae Cacomantis C. variolosus
Animalia Chordata Aves Piciformes Ramphastidae Ramphastos R. sulfuratus
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