Yellow-throated Vireo. Note how similar their colouration is.

Dendroica pinus

Male Pine Warbler. Note that this only applies to the male Pine.

I was noticing an illustrations in one of my books... how the Yellow-throated Vireo and Pine Warbler look remarkably similar! But why might this be? I have a theory, but I have no idea if it's true, convergent evolution.

What is it? It is when two or more species evolve in separate areas and look similar to each other or when species evolve similar characteristics (bats, birds, pterosaurs and insects all fly). There are several examples, including meadowlarks and longclaws, penguins and auks, flying squirrels and sugar gliders, Thylacine and grey wolf, swifts and swallows, etc.

I find it funny how Wikipedia doesn't even mention the two looking so similar...

The coolest example? Seriemas resemble troodontid dinosaurs! They both have retractable sickle-like claws. If tat doesn't get you thinking about how birds are dinosaurs, I don't know what will.

I'm sure there are more examples than this.

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