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StaraptorEmpoleon StaraptorEmpoleon 4 November 2012

Disabling stupid achievements

Because for some reason, this appears to be happening...

Yeah, it's very annoying. >:(


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StaraptorEmpoleon StaraptorEmpoleon 19 October 2012

October: Guess the bird!

Time for you to guess the bird! Good luck!

The name does not have to be specific and I can give you a hint, if needed, but only one a day.

And try not to cheat...

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StaraptorEmpoleon StaraptorEmpoleon 17 October 2012

I bought a new book!

Le gasp... Michelle has bought a new book?!

Yes, yes. I did! I haven't gotten a new book in a while now (don't recall the last time I did!).

It's called Universe: The Definitive Visual Guide. It's similar to the Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide, except it's about astronomy. It's also set up in the same way.

Excellent book! Wonder if they'll come out with a revised edition? This one was published in 2008. A lot of things have changed since then.

Ignoring that, if you want to know about Monoceros, the unicorn, you can turn to page 377. The page shows the two major deep space objects, the Cone Nebula and Rosette Nebula. Also, it tells about the mythology of Monoceros. Neat! Someone painstakingly drew pictures to help people to know what the constell…

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StaraptorEmpoleon StaraptorEmpoleon 16 October 2012

Dressed up for Halloween!

I hope you guys like it; it took me a while to set it up...


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StaraptorEmpoleon StaraptorEmpoleon 10 October 2012

Thirty flags collected!

There are thirty flags now! :D


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